Innovations on Easter eggs and hot cross buns

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Easter 2022 will be very different from last year, as the situation regarding the pandemic is normalising. While the classics eggs and hot cross buns still dominate, there's no shortage of innovation to catch consumers by surprise. Premium Retailers are seeing great opportunities to be more adventurous with products for Easter, trying new flavours

Food and Beverage Trends 2022

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Consumers still face post-pandemic feelings of health and financial insecurity. Shoppers desire to be in control of food and drink decisions and they will consider how their purchases contribute to protecting their health and/or the health of the planet, according to Mintel - What the 2022 Consumer Trends mean for food and drink. After initial

Innovations to elevate the No and Low alcohol drinking experience

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Dry January is fast becoming a common practice for people across the UK, Europe and the US. Each year more and more individuals join this challenge, promoting the healthy and positive benefits that can come from even a temporary period of sobriety. According to thefoodpeople - drinkswatching January 2022, the latest figures show that

How mocktails have injected some fun into Dry January

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Happy New Year, Happy Dry JanuaryWith the departure of 2020 and new hopes and resolutions for 2021, a record number of Britons have signed up for ‘Dry January’ seeing an increase in sales of no and low alcoholic beverages.According to Alcohol Change UK 6.5 million have taken up the challenge of going alcohol-free for the