Our dynamic ‘HiLight Range’ compliments a wide variety of food products. Produced by extraction and distillation of an array of herbs and spices, and then standardised for consistent dosage rate, volatile oil content and taste, this range is suitable for use across the food industry.

The range is manufactured by acetone/hexane extraction and distillation of the named herb/spice.

Application Information

These natural oleoresins offer an excellent means to add consistent and concentrated flavour to many food applications, including:

  • Seasonings
  • Sauces and soups
  • Marinades, glazes and coatings
  • Snacks

Click below for a downloadable copy of our
HiLight Range bulletin:

Natueal Oleoresins HiLight Range

This range includes lots of
naturally fabulous oleoresins such as:


Basil Oleoresin
Sage Oleoresin
Thyme Oleoresin
Marjoram Oleoresin
Oregano Oleoresin
Clove Oleoresin
Coriander Seed Oleoresin
Nutmeg Oleoresin
Cumin Seed Oleoresin
Cassia Oleoresin

To find out more about our natural oleoresins, or to discuss your specific requirements please contact us.