The authenticity of our flavours has earned Lionel Hitchen the reputation as a world-class supplier to the food and beverage industry.

Our team of highly experienced flavourists work from a palette of over 3,000 raw materials. Many of these are manufactured in-house which means that we have the ability to create complex, unique and highly individual flavours for your business needs.

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We have a huge range of Flavours in our portfolio, which we are constantly adding to as trends develop. View our Product List to see which flavours you might be interested in. If you can’t see what you need, then visit our Innovations page to learn how we can work with you to develop exactly what you are looking for.

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Our HiTaste range offers a wide selection of products enabling you to recreate authentic taste profiles from around the world. With recipes from Advieh to Zhoug, we can take you from good old British Sausages to exotic locations in Asia and many stops in between. Buying concentrated, ready-made blends can help you to provide the flavour impact you desire without expanding your own ingredient inventory. View our full Product List here.