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One Rhizome, a World of Possibilities

Ginger, the world’s most cultivated herb, taps into several rising trends, from mindful eating, to heightened interest in health promoting ingredients and the pursuit of authenticity. The incredibly nuanced flavour of this ‘wonder root’ provides a wealth of product innovation opportunities in food and drink.

For the Hitchen family, ginger has always been seen as a Naturally Fabulous ingredient. However, sourcing the highest quality ginger root, ginger oils, and extracts is not enough to create a consistently delicious and authentic ginger flavour. Applying the expertise necessary to get the right balance of natural flavour molecules contained within the extracts and knowing what to remove and retain for the desired flavour is essential. Here at Lionel Hitchen we use processing and flavourist expertise to capture different profiles from fresh and dried ginger and gingers from different regions of the world.

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Ginger, a Multifaceted Flavour Profile

One Rhizome, Many Flavours

How can ginger cultivated in one country taste so different from that which has been grown elsewhere? The answer is not only whether it is dried or fresh but also extraction expertise.

The heat components in ginger are known as Gingerols – compounds found in the fresh variety that activate spice receptors on the tongue. When dried or heated these Gingerols convert to ‘Shogaols’ – twice as pungent as the Gingerol – and to Zingerone, a major flavour component that provides a depth of sweetness when heated. This process actually makes dried ginger root ‘hotter’ than fresh ginger per gram.

Fresh / Green

Citrusy, sweeter, floral, green and herbal

Dried ginger

Intense, spicy, warming and earthy

Ginger offers a wealth of product innovation opportunities and our flavourists can help create unique and consistent ginger flavours for various beverage applications. With ginger’s versatile flavour profile and numerous health benefits, incorporating it into drink products is an excellent way to cater to consumers’ increasing demands for authentic, natural, and clean-label products.

If you’re considering using ginger in your next product launch, Lionel Hitchen’s Ginger range could be exactly what you are looking for.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural

  • Clean label

  • Developed by our expert Creative Solutions team ensuring an authentic taste

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications

  • Manufactured in the UK using our highest quality ingredients on an allergen controlled site
  • High performance and high-impact

  • Good stability, long shelf-life

  • Vegetarian and vegan suitable

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Ginger Report

Listen to our podcast in partnership with Food Matters Live

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, made in partnership with Lionel Hitchen, we explore ginger’s potential as a flavour ingredient and look at its complexities, the differences in flavour profiles and the opportunities.

We also look at the innovative ways ginger is being used in products to create distinctive tastes that appeal to consumers.

Tropical Flavours

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Accreditations and Certifications 

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