Lionel Hitchen manufactures an extensive range of herb & spice extracts. Working with long established supply partners around the world, we source the herbs, spices, chillies and botanicals with a focus on quality, availability and originality. From these fabulous, natural materials, we manufacture herb and spice extracts in various formats suitable for a broad range of food & beverage applications, savoury and sweet.

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With improved water-solubility, our aqueous-solvent extractions of the botanicals or the oleoresins retain all the clean, natural flavour qualities of the original material. This range includes Chipotle, Jalapeno, Tomato, Lovage, Fennel and many more. See our downloadable Product List.

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Standardised for consistent taste, these products are used widely across the food industry. Oleoresins offer an excellent means to add natural, consistent and concentrated flavour to many food and beverage systems. These extracts are produced by extraction and distillation of a wide range of herbs, spices and other botanicals. Consider our HiLight range for standardised dosage rates across a variety of herbs & spices. See our downloadable Product List for details.

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These highly concentrated products deliver high-impact taste and mouthfeel, reduced colour and improved water solubility. Manufactured using multiple process steps including molecular distillation, the reduced time during distillation enhances the flavour profile, whilst insoluble residues are removed. See our downloadable Product List.

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An easy-to-use format for savoury applications, our Hispex range of salt dispersed extracts provides a convenient vehicle for addition of extracts to dry mixes. We have a wide selection to choose from. See our Product List for details.

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Our range of Washings is ideal for use in beverage and other applications requiring authentic flavours in a water soluble format. We apply aqueous ethanol extraction techniques to oil based extracts to manufacture this range. PG extracted Halal suitable Washings are also available. See our Product List for details.

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Delivering natural top notes for authentic aroma and flavour, in a concentrated form. These oils are produced by steam distillation of a wide range of herbs, spices and other botanicals. See our Product List for details.