Project Description

Lime Fresh & Strawberry Drink


  • Sugar Syrup 67 Brix –  75g
  • Potassium Sorbate – 20% – 1.1g
  • Citric Acid Monohyrate – 50% – 4ml
  • Water Up to 1 litre

Lime Fresh & Strawberry Drink Recipe

Lime Fresh & Strawberry is a refreshing drink perfect for a picnic, family party or enjoyed over ice with fresh fruit.


1. To a mixing vessel add the sugar and potassium sorbate with a small amount of water. Mix well until all ingredients have dissolved

2. Add the acid and then mix well until fully dissolved

3. Add the flavour and mix well until fully dissolved

4. Add the remaining water up to 1 litre and mix well until homogeneous

5. Chill mixture to 5°C then carbonate using preferred method

6. Fill into bottles, glass or plastic, and store