Project Description

Apple Crumble White Chocolate Tart


Fondant Icing Topping

  • 142g White Chocolate (melted) – 19.42%
  • 454g Icing Sugar – 62.12%
  • 78g Golden Syrup – 10.67%
  • 57g Hot Water – 7.79%

White Chocolate Mousse Filling

  • 125g White Chocolate – 25.98%
  • 10g Unsalted Butter – 2.07%
  • 3(46.89g*) Large Egg Yolks – 9.74%
  • 3(137.1g*) Large Egg Whites – 28.52%
  • 127g Double Cream – 26.42%
  • 35g Caster Sugar – 7.27%


  • 180g Plain Flour – 52.47%
  • 120g Unsalted Butter – 34.98%
  • 25g Icing Sugar (sieved) – 7.30%
  • 1(18g*) Egg Yolk – 5.25%

Some values are approximate*

Apple Crumble White Chocolate Tart Recipe

Our Apple Crumble White Chocolate Tart is an easy and delicious recipe, perfect for picnics, dessert or afternoon tea.


1. To make the pastry, put the flour into a bowl and rub in the butter

2. Stir in the icing sugar, then add the egg yolk and 2 tsp water and mix to a stiff dough

3. Roll out onto a lightly floured surface. Cut out the correct shape for the tin you are using, either use a knife or a cutter

4. Place the pastry into the tin, line with a cupcake case and fill with baking beans to give you a nice shape

5. Then leave in the fridge to chill for 15 minutes. Meanwhile heat the oven to 180°C

6. Once the oven has come up to temperature blind bake the pastry cases for 10 minutes, then remove the beans and cases and allow to bake for a few extra minutes until golden brown. (BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO OVER BAKE, THEY WILL CATCH VERY QUICKLY!)

7. Once fully cooked remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before using

8. In a small bowl melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring in between. Leave to one side to cool

9. Separate the eggs, place the yolks in a small bowl and the whites into a large bowl

10. Gently whisk the yolks with a fork

11. Then whisk the egg whites and add the sugar until firm peaks form

12. Using the same beaters, whisk the double cream to stiff peaks

13. Using a silicone spatula gently fold the egg yolks into the cream – 8 folds max, streaks are ok

14. Once the chocolate has cooled (lukewarm but runny) pour it into the yolk and cream mixture and fold together – 8 folds max, streaks are ok

15. Add ¼ of the egg whites into the chocolate mixture and fold through until incorporated – aim for 10 folds, smear against the bowl to blend the egg whites

16. Pour the chocolate mixture into the remaining egg whites, add the Baked Apple flavour and fold until fully incorporated – 12 folds max

17. Transfer the mousse into a piping bag and fill the pastry cases 2/3 with the mousse and place in the fridge to set

18. Once the mousse has set make the fondant icing

19. Gently melt the white chocolate in the microwave

20. Meanwhile in a bowl sift the icing sugar and cocoa powder

21. Once the dry ingredients are combined in a beaker weigh out the golden syrup and add the hot water

22. Add the golden syrup mixture to the dry ingredients and stir until smooth

23. Next add the melted chocolate and mix it in, then add the Crumble flavour

24. To endure that everything is incorporated place the glass bowl over a pan of simmering water and mix well, you may need to fold it in

25. Once the mixture is slightly runnier, place into a piping bag and pipe onto the top of the mousse to fill the pastry cases

26. Add any decorations if using and store in an airtight container