During the months of August and September, Lionel Hitchen had the privilege of hosting a visit from their esteemed new distributors, ITS Nutriscience, Behn Meyer Vietnam and AMCAN. This visit marked a significant milestone in the ongoing partnership with their distributors and underscored Lionel Hitchen’s dedication to fostering strong relationships within their network.

The visit was not only an opportunity to strengthen business ties but also a chance to exchange insights, knowledge, and innovative ideas. The distributors had the invaluable opportunity to receive comprehensive training on Lionel Hitchen’s diverse range of products and their various applications.

As part of the company’s commitment to creating a familial atmosphere, Peter Hitchen took the ITS Nutriscience and Behn Meyer team on a memorable tour of the iconic Stonehenge. This gesture embodied the spirit of collaboration and the warmth that defines the company’s ethos.

“At the start of the week we promised to teach them, make memories and have fun and I am happy to say that we achieved all three,” said Lovvie Bhabutta, Sales Manager at Lionel Hitchen. “We are deeply grateful to the distributors for taking the time to visit us. Their insights have provided us with a deeper understanding of their market and needs.”

The visit not only strengthened the existing partnership between Lionel Hitchen and their distributors but also offered a platform to explore future opportunities. This face-to-face interaction allowed them to align their visions and strategies, ensuring a seamless delivery of quality products and services to customers in Malaysia, Vietnam, France, Spain and Portugal.
Le Tri Hong, Senior Sales Manager at Behn Meyer Vietnam said “The training really allowed us to understand how to apply Lionel Hitchen’s products into our market with our customers. We go home with the desire to work hard to support our customers and we will surely taste success in the future”.

“The discussions we had, and the insights Lionel Hitchen shared were invaluable to our business partnership” said Jessie TEO, Product Manager at ITS Nutriscience.

With a renewed sense of teamwork, they are ready to drive innovation, explore new markets and enrich their customers’ products through a variety of offerings.

Published On: September 13th, 2023Categories: Press Release

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