Present Day

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Today, in conjunction with our distributors, Lionel Hitchen supplies Naturally Fabulous Flavour Ingredients to over 50 countries around the world.

Lionel Hitchen appointed its first CEO, Eva Agnew

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A focus on manufacturing and service  excellence and the implementation of our World Class Manufacturing program have assisted in ensuring that Lionel Hitchen continues to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Over the next few years an extended board of directors is assembled to ensure continued growth and success.

BRC Accreditation

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The business demonstrates its commitment to the highest possible food industry standards when BRC Accreditation Grade A is attained on our first attempt in 2011.  We have achieved the highest grade attainable since then.

Business expands to South Africa

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CPL AROMAS South Africa (Pty) Ltd based in Johannesburg is appointed Distributor for South Africa. The company ownership & name changes in 2014 to Company of Aromas Pty Ltd. In 2016, the business is acquired by Carst & Walker (South Africa) who remain our Distributor for South Africa.