Project Description

Guajillo and Lime Tempered Chocolate


  • 550g chocolate Callets
  • 4 extra Callets for inoculation

Guajillo and Lime Tempered Chocolate Recipe

Our Guajillo and Lime Tempered Chocolate may sound like a strange combination of flavours, but they are a perfect match!


1. Turn on chocolate machine and heat to 60°C

2. Weigh out 550g chocolate Callets (3 trays).
– Do not temper less than 300g

3. Heat the chocolate, stirring regularly, keep the lid on as much as possible.
– Milk/White/Pink, 43°C
– Dark, 46°C

4. Cut up 4 Callets into shavings to use later

5. Take the tempering bowl out of the machine and cool to 29°C by stirring

6. Add the flavour and the shavings and stir

7. Put the mixture back in the machine and heat up to 31°C, do not exceed 32°C

8. Fill the first 3 rows of the mould with chocolate, then use the metal scraper to fill the remaining holes

9. Leave to set at room temperature for at least 8 hours