Project Description



  • 250g Granulated Sugar (73%)
  • 70g Water (20.43%)
  • 22.5g Glucose (6.57%)
  • Optional Food Colouring

Ginger Hard Candy Recipe


1. Place sweet moulds on a level, heat-resistant surface or baking tray and set aside

2. Turn on the Thermomix

3. Find the recipe for Lollipops and press start cooking

4. Follow the instructions on the Thermomix screen and weigh in sugar, water, glucose syrup and food colouring (if using) into mixing bowl. Then, without measuring cup inserted, start ’Sugar Stages’. The resulting syrup is heated to a specific temperature to reach the hard-crack stage

5. When the process is complete, carefully but quickly pour the syrup into the moulds

6. Leave to cool completely and harden at room temperature (approx. 20 minutes) then remove carefully from the moulds. Serve immediately or wrap individually in cellophane or cling film and store for a few days in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (to prevent them from absorbing moisture)