Project Description

Chinese Steamed Maple Cake


  • 75g Plain Flour  (24.04%)
  • 2g Baking Powder (0.64%)
  • 120g (2) Eggs  (38.46%)
  • 115g Caster Sugar (36.86%)


Chinese Steamed Maple Cake Recipe

Delicious Chinese steamed cake recipe made with our Maple Flavour!


1. Prepare a small cake tin or casserole dish by greasing the sides and bottom

2. Turn on the Thermomix, fill with water and use the kettle setting to heat up the water

3. In a bowl combine the plain flour and baking powder and place to one side

4. In a larger bowl add the eggs and caster sugar and whisk with a hand mixer until pale, foamy, and tripled in size

5. Add the maple flavour to the foamy egg and sugar mix and whisk until fully distributed

6. Very carefully sieve half the flour and baking powder mixture over the foamy eggs and fold in gently

7. Add the rest of the flour mix and fold gently again ensuring all the flour is folded in. Be very gently to not knock out all the air

8. Carefully transfer the batter into the prepared baking dish/tin

9. Set the thermomix onto the ‘Steamed Corn on the Cob’ recipe and increase the time to 40 minutes and place the Veroma dish on top

10. Before placing the cake into the thermomix Veroma dish tap the baking dish/tin on the worktop 2 or 3 times

11. Place the cake in the Veroma dish on top of the thermomix and set to speed 3 and allow to steam for 40 minutes

12. Once it has finished steaming removing the cake from the thermomix and place on the side to cool slightly

13. Once slightly cooler remove from the baking dish/tin and turn out onto a plate