Project Description

Caramelised Honey Chocolate


  • 500g Milk Chocolate Callets – 100%

Caramelised Honey Chocolate Recipe

Chocolate recipe featuring our Caramelised Honey flavour. The perfect combination of rich chocolate and sweet honey, this recipe is sure to satisfy any chocolate lover’s.


1. Turn on chocolate machine and heat to 60°C

2. Heat the chocolate, stirring regularly, keep the lid on as much as possible

3. Cut up 4 Callets into shavings to use later

4. Take the tempering bowl out of the machine and cool to 29°C by stirring

5. Add the flavour and the shavings and stir

6. Put the mixture back in the machine and heat up to 31°C, do not exceed 32°C

7. Fill the moulds

8. Leave to set at room temperature for at least 8 hours or in a fridge

9. Snap out of moulds and wrap in foil, store at ambient temperature

10. This should make 3 trays of chocolate