Emergency Contact Telephone Number

The REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 requires businesses to have an emergency contact number on safety data sheets (SDS) to ensure that, in the event of a health and safety or environmental incident involving those materials, the handler or emergency services can obtain more information about the nature of the material.

We have reviewed our emergency response plan, as part of our continuous improvement program, and have decided to appoint an external agency to fulfil this obligation.

In the event of a health and safety incident or a spillage that could impact the environment, please use the telephone numbers below.

Region/Countries Emergency Telephone Number Intended Process
Worldwide+44 1865 407333Routes directly to NCEC.
United States and Canada+1 202 464 2554A local number for use in US and Canada. Routes directly to NCEC.
Asia-Pacific+65 3165 2217A local number for Singapore. Routes directly to NCEC.

Our emergency response provider will be available 24/7 to take your call and give you expert information and advice. The Worldwide number will be included on our product labels for production batches packed from June 2019.

We do not intend to issue replacement documents for each and every product at this time, instead the new contact information will be included in any future updates. If you do require individual SDS to carry the emergency number please let us know and we can send these to you.

Please pass this information on to whomever in your company needs to know and holds the SDS for our products.

Dated: 15th May 2019