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Lionel Hitchen prides itself on producing the world’s finest speciality citrus oils for food and beverage applications. As a specialist citrus oils manufacturer, our expertise in a variety of distillation and extraction techniques has been developed over more than half a century. By applying these skills to the finest quality oils, we are able to develop speciality, concentrated citrus oils of the very highest quality.

Our team of experts, source citrus oils from across the globe, working with our long standing supply partners to ensure the highest quality and reliability of supply.

We also source specific varieties of citrus such as cedrat lemon, clementine and blood orange to give your products a point of difference and element of sophistication.

These are then converted into speciality products, to carefully capture the authentic flavour profile in a convenient to use concentrated form. If you are looking for a quality citrus oils manufacturer please contact us.

We are a significant buyer of citrus oils from all over the world; we use them to manufacture many of our speciality products. We can supply your needs, large or small, in a variety of pack sizes. Our range includes; Clementine, Blood Orange, Mandarin, Lemon & Lime.

See our downloadable product list for our complete range.

From our wonderful, natural materials, we manufacture an extensive portfolio of products using a variety of processing techniques. Highly versatile and widely used in all flavour applications, from beverage to bakery to savoury, our range includes;

A broad range of folded, fractionated, terpeneless and sequiterpeneless citrus oils. Valued for their solubility, photo stability and flavour intensity, these oils are low in colour and have a strong aldehydic, peely flavour.

To assist you in choosing from our comprehensive range, we have developed some product collections for you to consider, depending on your application and desired flavour profile. These include;

The HiFresh range – Whole fruit peel and juice character, these oils are colourless with an authentic fresh fruit taste.

The HiPer range – Excellent solubility, photo stability and intense, authentic flavour, these oils are low in colour and insoluble residues.

The HiSpec range –High solubility due to their extremely low monoterpene content. Rich and intense flavour, these oils will add depth and tenacity to citrus flavours.

All of these product ranges span many citrus varieties – see our downloadable product list for details.

We have a wide range of soluble extracts for you to consider, based either on ethanol or PG.

For base notes and astringency in your product, why not try our Citrus Peel Extracts, manufactured by ethanolic extraction from dried citrus peel.

Our range of Washings is ideal for use in beverage and other applications requiring authentic flavours in a water soluble format. We apply aqueous ethanol extraction techniques to oil based extracts to manufacture this range. PG extracted Halal suitable Washings are also available.

See our downloadable product list for details.

Across the world today there is a need for a wide range of food and beverages to be Halal certified or suitable. Our Halal Flavour Range flavour range has been developed with this in mind and complements the 500+ Halal certified products we offer for use in the food and beverage industry.

Accreditations and Certifications 

It is the policy of Lionel Hitchen Limited to provide professional and responsive service to all of our customers at all times and to provide safe and legal products and services of the highest possible standards of performance, reliability and specified quality.

All of our product are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We operate a strict policy to exclude nuts and sesame seeds from our facilities to give our customers assurance regarding allergen controls.

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